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Rowena Zoro is an emerging Production Designer, Art Director and Set Decorator for independent  film, television and immersive theatre.

Rowena also works as a Production Buyer and Assistant Set Decorator on larger projects.

Rowena, comes from a 3d contemporary mixed media design background and studied photography, thus giving her a strong visual and practical knowledge of what is needed when designing and set decorating for camera.

To back up her creative skills, Rowena completed a certificate in draughting for Film and TV at Film Design International - Pinewood Studios and is a member of the British Film Design Guild. 

Rowena has worked on both UK and International productions, including feature length films, TV series

and is used to fast turn arounds, meeting deadlines, handling budgets and finding creative solutions to problems whilst dealing with locations and logistics.


Carolyn Saunders, Writer Director, On Island West

I feel like I hit the jackpot when Rowena came on board as Production Designer for my short film On Island West. She was professional, visionary and highly competent managing both her budget and her department. But she was more than just those words: Being a Challenge Alexa winner, our huge ambition far outweighed our budget. But Rowena was undaunted. Her creativity extended beyond her imagination to practical ways to realize all the gorgeous ideas she had for the film’s look. She did not let budget stunt our vision, but dreamed big, and then found ways to make it happen. 

She made the most of our limited prep time, creating mood boards that not only lined up with my vision, but that were both stunning and achievable - and then set out to bring them to life. She tirelessly managed a team that was small but mighty, transforming our locations into evocative sets. She was able to source items that helped sell the dystopian world of the film, and she came up with incredibly clever ideas to achieve many of our FX in camera, saving us time and money in post. I look forward to working with Rowena again, and recommend her highly. 

Victoria Thorson, Producer, On Island West 

I had the pleasure of working with Rowena on the short film On Island West which was shot this spring on location in Cornwall. Rowena is one of the most resourceful and inventive Production Designers I have ever worked with. That in combination with her wonderful energy, her great taste and wonderful craftmanship really makes her stand out in her field. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Production Designer and definitely hope to work together with her in the future on other projects.


Mary Farbrother, Director of Photography

I have worked with Rowena Zoro on several films now including a Feature lenth film 'The Tape'. Working with Rowena was such a positive experience right from the first meeting. Detail is so crucial to drama, detail and a consistency of approach throughout is key to creating a perfect ‘mine en scene’. Rowena achieves this in the most efficient and creative way, giving me choice and allowing great breadth and freedom in framing. Her creative choices were at once visually stimulating and sympathetic to character which gave the end film a truly collaborative cohesion. I am really excited to work with her again.

Annabell Vine, Writer, Director, Producer, Wax films

"Rowena Zoro was the production designer on my short film Granbad. She was such a find. Our recce were constructive and her prep was thorough. She produced rip sheets, mood boards on photoshop and also very skilled at sketches to help me visualise her thoughts. She has a precise attention to detail and understands how important finding a colour pallet is. On set she is very attentive working with the art director to really create the most of every set up. There was one scene that was particuarly tricky involving graffiti. She did tons of research on how to achieve the results we needed with out damage to property. She knew what to do if we needed a retake. Which we did, and when things got tricky she kept her cool. I highly reccomend Rowena. She brought so much authenticity and flair to the project and was a delight to work with every step of the way.

David Sterne, Actor 

" I worked with Rowena on the short film Granbad.

her subtle attention to detail was inspiring, she has the gift of subtly placing and combining objects. Overall her sets were as much of the story as the actors.

she is a class act herself ".

Jason Squibb, Artistic Director for Collective Arts Ltd.

'Both of Rowena Zoro's WW1 exhibition's for The Trench at Levant and Bodmin were first rate, well-thought out and designed with the utmost attention to detail.  Audience's found them fascinating, poignant and well-conceived.

'Great budget management and always clear and  concise accounting.'' 


Maria Macewen, Pop Penzance CIC 

"Rowena has worked with Pop Up Penzance CIC on three Christmas projects. Her artistic work is outstanding and her attention to detail exquisite. 

We have loved everything she has brought to our community art projects and so have our audiences. We feel we have been very lucky that Rowena 
has engaged with us and hope to work together again soon".

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